Specialty Tapes and Products for All of Your Die-Cut Needs

Adhesive tapes and films offer benefits beyond what you get with screws, clips, staples, bolts, nuts, or liquid adhesives. When you use tape to join substrates, you also take advantage of its insulating, shielding, dampening, fastening, and sealing capacities. Plus, you can often achieve at least as strong and durable a bond with tape as you can with those traditional solutions.

Specialty tapes can be fundamental, though. While tape is extraordinarily useful, serving functions across various industries, it must be specific. To meet your specifications and serve your needs, we can custom die-cut our products during the specialty tapes manufacturing process.

Die-cutting is important so that you always have the ideal material and dimensions. You will get the exact amount of the product, use the perfect material, and meet your specifications with custom die-cut specialty tapes.

We Work with Every Major Manufacturer

Our Specialty Tapes Manufacturing & Products

Ameritape is able to work with your specifications, providing consistent customer satisfaction with our service dedication and extensive knowledge. We can die-cut a broad range of materials.

Specialty tapes also give you access to specialty services. Custom die-cut tape orders are not simply a sale but a collaboration as we guide you through four stages of specialty tapes manufacturing:

  • Concept Stage — We will talk about timeline, usage, quantity, materials, performance specs, and environmental concerns for your die-cut specialty tapes.
  • Design Stage — Our team will ensure that you have whatever you need, from prototypes and samples to CAD drawings, to complete your design.
  • Production Stage — We will consider what you want to achieve and the chosen materials. Then, we will use your design to inform the manufacture of custom tooling.
  • Delivery Stage — We ship to you, meeting tight deadlines as needed.

Reflective Tapes

One of the most important specialty tapes is reflective products, which we also offer as fabrics and films. You can achieve better visibility and a safer environment with these reflective offerings. We provide materials that stand up to the demanding performance testing and regulatory compliance needs of the construction, mining, oil & gas, and firefighting industries.

Reflective tape can be used in warehouses for power outage preparedness. It can be applied to pallet inverters, pallet trucks, and other heavy machinery. Plus, these specialty tapes can improve visibility and safety through application to posts, barriers, and orange cones.

Reflective tapes have various uses in bars and restaurants too. For instance, our products can be used to mark off outdoor seating. These specialty tapes are especially critical to ensure safety when parking lots are used for expanded seating. To improve visibility and traffic control, you can designate pedestrian walkways by applying reflective tape to soft-hit posts.

A large portion of the reflective tapes we purchase is sold into the transportation industry, oftentimes helping vehicles to comply with DOT regulations. These tapes are applied to semis, trucks, and trailers to increase visibility and enhance safety on the roads. Reflective materials are available in roll form with easy-to-peel liners making the application process simple and straightforward.

Protective Tapes

Protective tapes or films are used to prevent items and surfaces from being scratched, chipped, or damaged during transit and installation. Construction, electronics, automotive, and manufacturing are just a few of the industries that use our protective films.

We offer a variety of colors and thicknesses, as well as products that ensure clean removal and UV resistance. You do not need to remove our films for visual inspection because they are transparent. You can apply them to painted surfaces, plastic, glass, metals, and other surfaces. With these specialty tapes, you can minimize returns and be much more certain that the end-user will get their goods in the expected condition.

Our Specialty Is Specialty Tapes

At Ameritape, our specialty is specialty tapes. If you need die-cut custom tapes or labels, we can meet your exact specifications – with custom die-cuts available from any of the above vendors. Request a quote from our responsive and dedicated team.

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