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Ameritape Tape
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LED/Lighting Industry Aerospace Industry Electrical/Electronics Industry Transportation Industry Industrial Companies Government Contract Industry

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We are ISO 9001 Certified which assures you our quality is unsurpassed!

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We are small, nimble and responsive, but we also have the backing of the giants in the industry like 3M.

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We are adept at transforming large tape rolls into unique configurations that enable our customers save time and money, all with the highest quality!

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Industries We Serve And Differences You Can See

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Aerospace Capabilities

Ameritape Plane
Wire Harness Tape
  • Kapton
  • Teflon
  • Glass Cloth
  • Polyester
Premier Items:
  • 3M60
  • 3M92
  • 3M69
  • 3M56
  • K250
  • 2255-2
  • 2915-7
  • P212
  • P221
  • P421
  • P422
Painting/Stripping/High Temp Tape
  • Foil Tapes
  • Paint Masking
  • Premier Items:
  • P11 3M425
  • P12L 3M427
  • P-11L 3M301+
  • P790 3M401+
  • P703 3M501+
Carpet Hold Down Tape
  • Double Coated Cloth
  • Premier Items:
  • P55/P55B
  • 108FR
  • 105C
Specialty Window Masking
  • Foil Tapes
  • Premier Items:
  • 3M3367
Cargo Bay Tape
  • Cloth Tapes
  • Premier Items:
  • P629PR
  • P629PRL
  • P629SL
  • 290FR
  • 296FR

3M Preferred

We are honored to be a 3M preferred converter. That means 3M has the ultimate confidence that we can make their incredible products shine. It also means we have confidence that 3M can provide our customers with solutions that make us look even better. It’s a great relationship where the greatest beneficiary is you, the customer.

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Meet Corporate America’s Favorite Tape Dispenser

Much about the industry has changed since Ameritape Inc. opened for business in 1990. The technical advances have been nothing short of astounding. However, one thing hasn’t changed since day one: that is our commitment to being your absolute best choice for tape products. Whether you need an existing product or something custom designed to meet your needs, we’re here to help.