Lathe slitting machine

Lathe Slitting

Ameritape specializes in custom adhesive tape precision slitting. We have multiple lathe slitters that cut a wide variety of materials. Lathe slitting involves spinning log rolls on a mandrel while a computer-guided blade makes precision cuts to preprogrammed widths. Logs of material for lathe slitting can be as wide as 60” and can be cut as narrow as .06” with a tolerance of +/- .03”

rewind slitting machine

Rewind Slitting

Rewind slitting can cut rolls to custom lengths and widths simultaneously. Large master/jumbo rolls are rewound to specific lengths while carefully guided blades are placed to cut specific widths as material is running.

laser cutting machine in action

Laser Cutting

If small intricate parts are essential to your project, our laser cutter is the machine for your job. Our laser cutting can cut a number of different materials using through cuts, kiss cuts, perfs, and even etching, all while holding extremely tight tolerances. Although the laser is ideal for cutting very small parts, we can cut up to 36”x24” on this machine as well. Our laser cutting allows us to cut most tapes, foams, wood, glass, polycarbonates, acrylics, and a number of other materials without the cost of expensive tooling.

rotary die-cutting machine in action

Rotary Die-Cutting

Typically used for higher volume projects, our rotary die-cutting presses convert roll goods into die-cut parts by “stamping” out pieces from a precision engraved steel cylinder. A wide variety of materials can be rotary die cut, which includes both materials with and without adhesive. Some materials eligible for rotary die-cutting include single and double-coated tapes, foams, films, plastics, and foils up to 1/8” thick.

man performing flatbed die-cutting

Flatbed (Steel Rule) Die-Cutting

Flatbed die-cutting can accommodate materials that are softer and thicker such as foams for gaskets and spacers. Hydraulic presses cut the material by using steel rule dies against a flat surface. Tooling for flatbed die cutting is typically less expensive which may allow for significant cost savings on shorter runs.

Ameritape kitting with items wrapped up


We offer specialty assembly services such as kitting that can save time and money throughout the manufacturing process. Having your parts packaged (and labeled) to your Specification can easily simplify and streamline a company’s operations while improving your labor output.

prototyping machine


Rapid prototyping allows companies to test various materials, sizes, and designs before finalizing their die-cut solution. Ameritape offers various converting options to get the part you require to exact specifications with minimal lead times and set up costs.

person preparing for 3-color flexographic printing

3-Color Flexographic Printing

Our flexographic printing press can use up to three colors of water-based inks for custom label applications.