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At Ameritape, Inc. the idea of adhesion goes far beyond our outstanding products. We believe in sticking to the promises we make. That means meeting deadlines, delivering great value, and providing amazing service. We’re a converter and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and label products representing all major manufacturers, including 3M. In addition to custom slitting, we offer die-cutting services, meaning we can create custom solutions specific to shapes and sizes provided by customer drawings and descriptions. Stick around and learn more about how we can help you!

Industries We Serve And Differences You Can See

See why we’re America’s favorite choice for all your tape needs.

3M electrical tapes and adhesives
Industries Served

LED/Lighting Industry Aerospace Industry Electrical/Electronics Industry Transportation Industry Industrial Companies Government Contract Industry

The Highest Level Of Quality

We are ISO 9001 Certified which assures you our quality is unsurpassed!

We Cut Tape But Never Cut Corners

We are small, nimble and responsive, but we also have the backing of the giants in the industry like 3M.

Die-Cutting Experts

We are adept at transforming large tape rolls into unique configurations that enable our customers save time and money, all with the highest quality!


Much about the industry has changed since Ameritape Inc. opened for business in 1990. The technical advances have been nothing short of astounding. However, one thing hasn’t changed since day one: that is our commitment to being your absolute best choice for tape products. Whether you need an existing product or something custom designed to meet your needs, we’re here to help.


We’re based in Jacksonville, Florida but you can find our products throughout the United States and many other countries. Our versatility and unique capabilities with specialty tape allows us to service many different market segments. From common needs such as masking and duct tapes to more specialty needs such as thermally conductive tapes and double coated foams, you can count on us!


In-house capabilities include custom lathe and rewind slitting from an extensive inventory of log rolls, as well as rotary and steel rule die-cutting of many different materials used in the manufacturing process. In addition to our converting services, we offer three color flexographic printing for custom label applications.

We are a preferred 3M converter so expect the highest quality on industry-leading 3M products. The video behind us shows how we can custom slit even large 3M rolls into a configuration to meet your specific needs. We work with several other outstanding, trusted companies as well. Finally, we offer lots of other value-added services and Solutions from a responsive and dedicated team of individuals you won’t find anywhere else.

Teaming Up For You

3M Preferred

We are honored to be a 3M preferred converter. That means 3M has the ultimate confidence that we can make their incredible products shine. It also means we have confidence that 3M can provide our customers with solutions that make us look even better. It’s a great relationship where the greatest beneficiary is you, the customer.

Aerospace Capabilities

3M tapes and adhesives for aerospace industry
Wire Harness Tape
  • Kapton
  • Teflon
  • Glass Cloth
  • Polyester
  • Premier Items:
  • 3M60
  • 3M92
  • 3M69
  • 3M56
  • K250
  • 2255-2
  • 2915-7
  • P212
  • P221
  • P421
  • P422
Painting/Stripping/High Temp Tape
  • Foil Tapes
  • Paint Masking
  • Premier Items:
  • P11 3M425
  • P12L 3M427
  • P-11L 3M301+
  • P790 3M401+
  • P703 3M501+
Carpet Hold Down Tape
  • Double Coated Cloth
  • Premier Items:
  • P55/P55B
  • 108FR
  • 105C
Specialty Window Masking
  • Foil Tapes
  • Premier Items:
  • 3M3367
Cargo Bay Tape
  • Cloth Tapes
  • Premier Items:
  • P629PR
  • P629PRL
  • P629SL
  • 290FR
  • 296FR

We’re All About Great Products.

Get what you need when you need it and at a price you’ll love.

3M OEM Electrical Tape Products

Dependable insulation, mechanical protection, high temperature resistant, and color-coding identification for nearly every electrical application.


3M™ Dual Lock™/Hook & Loop Fasteners

Replace screws, bolts and rivets. No kidding!


Electrical / Electronic Products

Film, Combination, Paper, Acetate Cloth, Glass Cloth, Kapton, PTFE and Foil.


Specialty Products

Ameritape offers specialty products for all of your die-cut needs…


3M™ Double Sided / Double Coated Tape

3M™ Double Sided and Double Coated tapes feature pressure sensitive adhesive on front and back for bonding a wide variety of surfaces in many applications.


3M™ Foam Tape

Our 3M™ Foam Tapes are pressure sensitive tapes that fill gaps and distribute stress uniformly when bonding rough or irregular surfaces.


3M™ Industrial Masking Tapes

A simple, 5-tape system to help you choose the right tape for the job. Tapes built on increasing levels of performance.


3M™ VHB™ Tape

3M™ VHB™ Tapes are high-strength bonding tapes and are an alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners.


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